Our Services

We have provided some detail of the various services that we offer and in our company CV there are various case studies to give you more of a flavour.

The costs of our services vary according to whether it is funded, partially subsidised or has no subsidy at all and would therefore be charged at our standard daily rate. By all means contact us to discuss your requirements. It may be that we can signpost, or help advise on possible funding that you could apply for.

Business Advice

We offer a wide range of support for our clients, both for start-ups and existing enterprises. The support we provide covers an extensive range of topics. Business support may be fully subsidised. We also advocate a broad marketing campaign, including promotional material which can be printed onto good paper.

Strategic and Business Planning

Facilitating the development of an agreed strategy.  Providing a framework and guidance on compiling a robust business plan to serve those within and outside of the business.

Legal Forms & Structures

Helping clients to choose and adopt the most appropriate legal structure to fit the strategy of the organisation and advising on how to run the business in a way that complies with that structure’s requirements.

Asset Acquisition and Development

Advice on how to acquire and manage a capital asset such as a building for the business, starting with is it really an asset?

Talking Business for Londoners

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