Bill Gates - Social Custodian

Bill Gates � Social Custodian

Bill Gates - Social Custodian

Social thought about the obligation to society of business and businessmen has changed during the period in which the five revolutions were trans-forming capitalistic economy and society.

We have moved from the principle that individual businessmen who have earned great profits are trustees of the nation's wealth toward the concept that the professional manager's duty to society lies in the way in which he actually operates the giant enterprise.

Only in the post-World War II period has the doctrine of social responsibility been formulated clearly enough for its significance to become widely recognized and discussed.

Most writings about the doctrine have been polemical, either strongly affirming or denying the existence, validity, and importance of the social responsibilities of corporate managers.

On the whole, the critics of the doctrine have been more articulate than its supporters. Nonetheless the doctrine has gained steadily in stature.

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