Decision Making Under Conditions of Value Conflict

Decision Making Under Conditions of Value Conflict

Decision Making under Conditions of Value Conflict

One way of dealing with the problem of decision making under conditions of conflicting values is to follow the practice which some philosophers advocate of basing conduct in specific situations on general values.

The philosopher sets aside the particular situation calling for decision and asks what he would prefer in all situations in which the same set of values is found. Thus he seeks to determine a permanent and universal ranking of values. Once such a ranking is established, he determines which of his immediate alternatives in the situation calling for decision is consistent with this general value order.

"He has looked away from his Own conflict of the moment and decided what in general is most worthwhile.

There are four steps in this approach:

1 Identify the values involved in the situation.

2 Rank the values.

3 Identify the possible alternative decisions.

4 Select the decision which is consistent with the general value ranking.

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