The Effective Socially Responsible Manager

The Effective Socially Responsible Manager

The Effective Socially Responsible Manager

To be effective, a socially responsible manager must be tuned in to broad social trends and comprehend their significance for the corporation. This involves scanning the corporate environment for potential threats and opportunities.

It is not enough, however, for the manager to have an outward orientation. He must be able to evaluate the importance and significance of what he sees in terms of ideas that have meaning for him and values in which he believes. In short, he must be rational and to be rational he must have a management philosophy upon which he can depend. Philosophy does three things: (1) It defines what is true; (2) it determines which questions are important to ask and rules others out; and (3) it prescribes a set of values useful in making decisions about right and wrong.

Carl Stover has pointed out that there have been three major trends in management philosophy in recent decades:

From management folklore to management science: management has become an important object of scientific inquiry in its own right. From morality to morale: the trend toward human relations in business.

From mechanistic to dynamic approaches: greater awareness of the changes in organizations, their participants, and the environment.

The management philosophies of socially responsible managers sensitive to trends in society and the business community have evolved in accordance with these trends.

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